About Origins Coaching

From the beginning, Origins Coaching has been about depth:  getting to the source of what’s going on. We have coached leaders and business professionals for two decades. Our keen insight into the human journey helps high capacity leaders move beyond their stuck places into deep and lasting change. 


Origins Coaching philosophy is based in Jungian understandings of the psyche and adult developmental psychology. Our coaches are certified in the EQ-i2/EQ-360 Emotional Intelligence assessments.  We also work extensively with the Enneagram (Riso-Hudson model) and are trained in stress-relief practices.

Origins coaches have a broad range of experience, teaching graduate courses in culture and leadership at Yale University, The Claremont Institute, Gordon Conwell, Baylor University, The Beeson Institute, George Fox University, Portland Seminary, and Fuller Theological Seminary.  


Contact us today for a complimentary, half-hour video consultation:  info@originscoaching.com


"Real change isn’t about tweaking who you think you are.  It’s about rediscovering the self you left behind while you were trying to be someone else."